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  • I would like to change my order to 2007 Vector instead of the 12 Nytro
    I am about to wire up Hotgrips to my Nytro. The grips are to be installed in series with a couple of 1 ohm 10 watt resistors Can I wire the hot wire to only one of the wires going into my wire harness. Meaning the stock warmers use the left side of the harness and the right side. Or do I tie the two hot oem wires together? Hope this makes sense. Dennis 303-358-4961
    I am in the process of putting aftermarket handlebars, RSI heaters and still utilizing the yamaheater that I installed. I would rather not cut and solder the RSI heaters to the old harness and would prefer to make a new harness with new OEM connectors. Do you have the OEM style connectors for the heaters or know a source to get them?

    Thank you,
    Yes, we have the connectors.
    PM me & will get you taken care of!

    Rock : )
    I have a 99 Mountain Max, and wanted to run a led Headlight. Guys on the 2 stroke side said to look you up.
    I have a BR Tech hood, with no headlight, so I cant use an upgrade kit. I need a bolt on headlight and a way to wire it up.
    Can you make something so that I can wire up one of these offroad leds ? or just tell me how I need to wire it up, purchase extra parts?
    i am interested in your hid kit for a 2013 nytro xtx . I am looking for something similar to the sled start kit offerd threw the Yamaha catalog . I want something that is truly plug and play . Any info you have would be great .

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