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  1. PAvector

    Suspension setup advice needed

    Currently running YamaCat dual rate ski springs with 150-zbroz front skid spring and 2014 rear torsion springs in the lowest setting. 2016 2” rear shock and all other shocks where re-valved by our recommended vendors. Front skid strap is stock and rear coupling blocks are on 1 if i can read it...
  2. sierra_brad

    Upgrading to HD springs?

    Looking to upgrade to the HD torsion springs for my skid on my 2011 Apex XTX. What is the weight recommendation for the upgrade? Running mine on H now and have it bottoming out some. I am 220lbs plus gear and tunnel bag. Original springs from new. Looking for thoughts.
  3. B

    RX1 Suspension for Heavy Rider

    Hey everyone, new to both the Yamaha and sledding worlds... rented a few times and finally got talked into buying one lol. I picked up an 05 RX1 and trailer for a great price, so I have some flexibility to add to it I'm a pretty big guy, former college offensive lineman weighing in a 6'2 and a...
  4. V

    08 Phazer Suspension Problems

    The rear suspension travels between two white plastic stops. Our sled at rest would sit about 1/2 way between the stops. We could only get it to rise to the highest position by lifting the rear of the sled. We replaced the two springs and many other parts. We also had the rear shock rebuilt...