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04 Rx-1 Warrior


Sep 12, 2021
Apex Gt
Hey guys, After buying a 06 apex for myself, I think it was safe to say it was a big upgrade to my 98 artic cat. So we bought my dad a 04 rx warrior in decent shape, its got 21k on it. other than a tear in the seat its seems ok. mechanically wise its good. Couple things to note though that I need answers for.

1. When I start it using choke it starts up and as I ease the choke off, itll idle at 2k steady, the guy said he turned it up to stop clutch rattle which I hear is normal. that being said when it was idling at 2k it had moments when it would drop to 1k and sound like it was about to stall, so id bump the choke and it come back. this wasnt consistent but did occur a few times. Maybe didnt warm up on choke enough??

2. Where the coolant hose goes in the block I noticed some liquid pooled and the guy said it was snow (yea right). when I got home and started it, the fluid was bubling, it wasnt overflowing out but I could see it bubbling (like a tiny hole on a tire and the soap bubling). Is there possibly a small leak there and if so what do I change, is there an o ring or anything there. havent rode it long but in the short ride around the lake it didnt overheat.

3. One of the shock springs is centered in a arm and other is not, infact its touching the a arm, is this a classic bent a arm that I can change or is it possible the entire sub is bent, and can I bent the a arm back with a bar withought kinking atleast to finish season. or should I ride like that till I get a new a arm.

4. Last question. One of the shocks has a peice of plastic over it, like a bug deflector on a car. And other side doesnt, cant seem to source the part. I havent even seen a picture of it on other sleds, anyone know what its actually called or where I can find it, ill try and get a picture but... (i highlited the area it should be on the pic)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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i would check the bushings for the a arms as the stock ones would go bad pretty quick.

that deflector was an add on from the mtx rx1's to help with snow getting in riders face when powder riding.

if there is heat in the left exchanger (under running board) at all, it is fully warmed up and should idle fine.