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2004 Warrior pilot screw settings issue


Jan 25, 2014
Austin ,mn
2011 PHAZER RTX,2000 SXR 700, 2003 VIPER MTN
I purchased a 2004 warrior with 100 miles on it that has been in storage for the last 18 years. Original owner drove it and lost interest and let it sit. Had to completely clean the carbs and when I took the pilot screws out to clean I checked the settings before removal and carb #1 was 3 1/4 turns out from bottom, #2 was 1 1/2, #3 was 1 1/4, #4 was 2. I know the manual says they should be set at 2 but my question is should I set them at what they were set at when I removed them or set them all at 2 ? Found it odd that #1 was at 3 1/4 and the rest were 2 or below. Obvisously this is what they were set at when the sled was brand new because it had probably never been worked on.

When I disassembled the carbs in my RX-1, removing the jets and pilot screws and such, I always seated them back to their proper turns; some have actually went as far as 2.5 turn, myself included. In my experience, they don't tend to move once set. My guess would be that more than likely, they were adjusted that way at factory to be within some emission tolerance, possibly, but I would reseat them back to their proper turns out. I would also always finish with re-sync'ing the carbs.
Thanks for the reply RobX-1, I'm assuming by proper turns you mean to set them to 2 turns as the manual states, is that right ?
Yes, whatever the manual specifies. I had an air filter kit on my RX-1 that replaced the stock air box with K&N filters and had different main jets and slide springs and with that setup, is when myself and others had the pilot jets turned out 2.5 turns from seated position.
Thanks for clarifying. I was leaning toward putting them back to stock but it's alway nice to have a second opinion from someone with more experience in it. LET IT SNOW !!!
Although I definitely enjoy the EFI, when I saw your post, it reminded of this ad and how close I was to pulling the trigger knowing it just needed exactly what you are doing and yet it sold as a parts sled. :o|

When you disassembled the carbs, did you also remove the needle valve set and clean those screens?

don't laugh, a frend just picked one up for his 1st sled for that price off evil book marketplace. guy stole air box off of it for a gyro copter and only other visible issue is cast that supports muffler is broken. goal is to get it running in the next few weeks before we fix it up for him to ride.
I did, basically had to ultrasonically clean everything and replace all the rubber O rings in it. Got way more time into it than I wanted. Cleaned alot of carbs in my day but this was by far the worst. Didn't look like a bad deal at $900 depending on the actual (evilbook marketplace) condition.
the only thing to watch out for on the rx warrior sleds is the big rear shock as they are non rebuildable. keep your eyes open for a good used olin or hygear shock that is servicable. brother has my old 05 on full olin's and other brother had 04 without. had my take off on the 04 when he wrecked it.
Good to know, thanks for the advice !