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All help appreciated..Yamaha Venture MP 2009

I have the same trbl clicking from the starter solenoid tried crossing the 2 positive posts off the solenoid to power the starter directly but nothing a new starter is on order just checked with Yamaha I have to pull the sled apart and pull the motor to get to the starter. Has anyone completed a starter replacement on a venture?. I cant believe you have to pull out the engine to get to the starter please help.

it can be done in a phazer/veture lite/venure mp without pulling the ski frame off. @kirkswim (brother) does it in the sled in about an hour but uses a car hoist to hold the sled above his head. might be able to do it on its side. he goes in through the bottom acess hole. if it has never been done this way, there is a peice of casting on the motor that needs to be ground down/cut flush so that the starter can be manipulated out of the sled.