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2009 Venture Lite no reverse

The Admiral

Jan 10, 2023
2009 Yamaha Venture Lite
I purchased 2009 venture lite with reverse not working. Friend of mine figured it was a easy fix. When I push the reverse button, the yellow reverse light blinks and the machine beeps but doesn't go into reverse. Read a lot of thread to no avail of finding a answer! Figured I would just try a post and give it a go with what I have done!

-Got idle down to where it should be.
-Checked if there was any strain on the clutch. Belt isn't tight at all
-Tested the servo motor and it is switching into forward and reverse fine!
-Checked fuse and fuse is good.
-Tried shaking the machine when button is pressed!
-Tried lifting the track of the ground

Is there a relay I should check; if so what one would it be?

Could it be a issue with the board where the button is or the ECU?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I doubt if it is an issue of the sort you suggest at the end of your post.

If you are getting the flashing yellow and beeper and no shift then you have what nearly all of us have experienced and I'm unaware of anyone solving this issue once and for all. The exception to that statement might be a Russian? who posted a fix a couple years ago.

I have over 17k km on mine and I would say it is the best it has ever been these last couple years. I have taken to running my chain on the slack side. Not silly slack but definitely looser. If I recall the spec is finger tight and back a 1/4. I go back a half when I feel resistance.

I also avoided all of the embarressment/teasing about my no shift YAMAHA by removing the beeper so the buggers don't know what is going on.