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Can’t figure out brakes


Oct 21, 2020
Fort Erie
2006 Yamaha RS Nytro
2006 Yamaha Apex
Last year my brakes were pretty spongy. Took sled out of storage and thought I would look at things. I took pads out and they were in good shaped. i Was not able to get the piston on the outside to go back in. So I split the calliper and was able to get the piston back in.
put back together, refilled brake fluid and tried to bleed. To matter what I do I cannot get the brakes to work.

I put fluid in and would open bleed screw, squeeze handle, tighten bleed screw, then release handle. Rinse and repeat. At first a lot of air was coming out but now it seems just brake fluid. If refilled three reservoir’s worth and the brake handle is still just goes right to handle bar and nothing.

Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

There is a big air bubble in the line at the top of the loop at the hanelebar. Turn the handlebar to the right to lower the loop and try again. Once that air moves down, the weight of the fluid will run out of the bleed screw. It will then bleed itself. Don't let the reservoir get low.
I always reverse bleed my brakes with a cheap syringe and small piece of tubing. One man job, no air bubbles... Here's a video with the basics in 2 minutes....

I struggled with bleeding the brakes for 2 hours one night and after a lot of reading on this forum went and bought a vacuum bleeder at harbor freight. I have done several now and it is very simple and works every time. The one exception was the last time I did it on a friends sled I couldn't get any fluid to come out and realized the bleeder screw was plugged up so I suggest you remove it and make sure it is clear before starting.

Another tip I learned on here is after you bleed the brakes if they still do not feel to your liking set the emergency brake over night and then check it in the morning. Again all 3 times I have done this it firmed everything up.
You may ant to remove the caliper pistons and inspect the bores for corrosion.
If you have a vacuum bleeder its way quicker. Split the brake caliper on my buddy's sled yesterday to install BOP's new drive shaft bearing kit. Put the caliper back together, kept the reservoir full and let the vacuum run for a couple minutes. Then standard pump and loosen/tighten and repeat. Had a solid brake in less then 10 min.