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Engine Break-in

Yamadog said:
Well my first 03 Rx-1 I did by the book mainly 6000 rpms with short bursts above. Rode it for 500 miles in 2 days did an oil and filter change in the UP in my trailer. did 3000 more miles that year. Next fall I changed oil & filter again rode it another 1000 miles and it blew up.

From then on 2 more RX's 3 Apex and 1 attack I ride them like I stole them never a problem since.
Wow funny you said that,my 03 rx1 was broke in with a garden hose to cool the rad and motor down,unlike some of my sleds I get in the summer,which I back down into a lake,with sled jacked up on a stand on a open trailer,till it fills up with 6" of water in the skid and proceed to run the motor under load in the water for 50-100 miles,all with no problems,well I could not get to a lake w/the rx1,so under no load with a hose to cool things,the miles racked up,and so I thought it was fully broke in,well not the rings,maybe the case and crank,but not enough pressure to properly seat the rings,sled used oil,but did have desent power,hit 117 gps top speed,and ran great 99% of the time,just that pesky oil issue,but motor lasted a few thousand miles until I sold it,dont know anymore history on it,but now I am back to breaking an engine in under load,weather it be on snow,or trailer in a lake,or even grass,as long as you don't hold it wfo open for miles you will be ok.

Every 03 RX I know of burn oil. Ans it's not because of engine break-in.