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low boost


Jan 31, 2022
south dakota
2017 sidewinder MTX
2017 MTX with stage 3 tune. riding a few weeks ago the sled ran perfect first day and the start of second day. then i lost boost only running 9 PSI under load and only running 7900 RPM. I assume RPM is because of low boost so it won't pull the weights i have in it. brought home thinking maybe ice in lines but have in shop at 65 degrees and no change. I examined all hoses and clamps and did discover that the seal from the air intake to back side of turbo was cracked. got new one same result. now took all hoses off and inspected closer. cannot find anything wrong. thinking possibly map sensor but any input would be welcome. also here is info on sled it has hurricane tune with 2.5 exhaust, thunder shift clutching, under hood intake, turbo smart BOV. have had tune in it for 3 years and never had any problems it has always ran 18 PSI and 9100 RPM. sled has 3100 miles on it

Do a pressure test. You will find it. If you don't know how to do it, find a friend close by that does.

I'm betting you blew a hose. Lots of guys can't see the hole, but the stock ones split and blow occasionally.