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Need advice: 2008 Apex Rtx Intermittent issue, Err-1 code, cranks, no fuel pump, no start, then starts after a bit


Feb 25, 2005
Cottonwood, MN
'10 Nytro RTX
Cottonwood, MN
Title says it all. It’s a friends sled now but originally mine. Temps around zero F. he said it died like he hit the kill switch and restarted after several tries, he said it cranks and nothing after a few tries it fired up. I witnessed it happen again the next day. We stopped on the trail, shut it off, went to restart and cranks but no fuel pump priming when you toggle the key on/off, throwing Err-1 code. Let it sit a minute, fuel pump primes and starts. Not throwing any other codes. I just installed a new size 20 battery before the trip. Have checked the 2 ground blocks by the clutch and look perfect, wiring harness looks good where you expect to see rub throughs at the front by the nose. Drive bearing looks good and centered and no signs of it hitting the speed sensor.…Gauges are working normally. Has yamaheater installed, otherwise all stock. I have not checked the connection to the gauges other than unplugged it at the harness. I have scoured all the previous threads pertaining to the Err-1 code, don’t think it’s the ECU or the gauge, but nothing comes up with this exact scenario. The main start relay and plug in by the battery looks great as well.
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hmm. new red relay for the fuel pump?
How many miles? I have an 07 that would act similar (don’t think I ever had the er1 code) and it needed a stator at about 8500 miles to fix it. Chased that for 2 years before finally doing that. No issues since. Might be your problem, might not.
I too was going to suggest the stator but without knowing the mileage, if may not be applicable; especially if low miles. I do know on my 08 Apex that around the 11,000-12,000 mile mark is when I had issues with starting but also had the crank position error code too. Replaced stator with OEM and haven't had issue since.
hmm. new red relay for the fuel pump?
Wish it were the fuel pump relay, but would it die like he said it did the first time while running if it were a relay? After further reading in the electrical gremlins sticky thread, I have more to check in those ground blocks, I didn’t pull the metal connectors out to check completely but the weren’t burnt. Also see there are a few buried in the nose as well. Have to check continuity too I suppose if I don’t find burns or corrosion. Sled has around 7500 miles I think.
The metal connectors in the two square plugs by the clutch look brand new when I removed them, not sure how to test continuity..but when grounding the tester, I get one wire in the one square plug that has continuity beep, and two wires on the other square plug the tester beeps. I assume the metal connectors make the ground connection for the rest of the ground wires. Haven’t tested the flat black plug, as pictured in the electrical gremlins FAQ thread, still looking for it.