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Old style collar jackshaft bearing installation procedure


Dec 20, 2004
Hi guys!

Been searching around for a while for the correct installation procedure for the old style collar in the jackshaft bearing behind the secondary.
This is on a 2003 RX-1 Mountain.

I am doing a complete driveshaft / jackshaft bearing change and I need to get this together tomorrow.

The manual doesn`t say anything about installing the collar.

I figure I have to install the inner chaincase first and get the jackshaft nut tightened up in order to get the jackshaft positioned correctly.
Since my collar is a little worn I will be installing it with some Loctite 638.
But, should I just tap it inside the bearing with a pipe around the axle - or is there any other method?

I figure just installing the secondary wount seat the collar since the seconary is "floating" on the shaft.

I would really appreciate if someone could say a few words on this cause still if I am doing it "wrong" by not installing the updated collar with the nut - I still want to get this as good as possible.

I am a pretty experienced mechanic but I always try to listen to the Yamaha gods out there.

Thanks in advance!


I just did the job last night. Old version.

I'll assume you got it apart and I probably won't catch every step but I'll give what I think are the important parts. Also assuming you already tapped in the new bearing with the inside race wide taper outward. IMPORTANT. There is about a 1 mm taper on the inside of that bearing for the collar to insert into.

There is a big c-clip on the jack shaft. Everything will align to that. Insert the jackshaft into the upper chain case opening up to the c-clip. Assemble that chain case as displayed in the other directions.

On the secondary side. Insert the tapered collar over the jackshaft and into the tapered bearing. it should seat all of the way or very close. If it doesn't go in all of the way it will by installing the secondary and torquing it to value.

I think that's pretty the only differences in the job compared to the new bearing. The collar allows you to get the jackshaft installed by sliding thru the bearing. If the bearing was the size of the jackshaft how else would you install the jackshaft. Plus the collar expands and helps hold that side of the jackshaft stable. Not the best idea. Hence it was later updated.

I hope thats right.