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ROCZTOYZ, YAMAHEATER, & TRAIL JAMZ @ BIG EAST Syracuse Snowshow in NY this weekend !


TY Advertiser
Feb 7, 2007
NE Indiana
2007 Attak - LOVE my sled!!!
ROCZTOYZ.com will be at the BigEast Powersports show in Syracuse, NY this weekend!
Fri, Sat, & Sun. Booth# 334 Right in the middle across from Doo.


Big East Powersports Show

The 2022 Big East Powersports Show will be held September 30 – October 2, 2022 at The New York State Fairgrounds Expo Center.

Have YamaHeaters, ThumbBoosters, Heated Cases, Easy Connect COMMUNICATORS with great music, TRAIL JAMZ In-Helmet Stereo Systems,
SMART SUPPLIES, ROCZTOYZ P&P HID Lighting kits, BOOMERS In-Helmet Speakers and about everything else in-stock!

The Heated Cases have a Built in USB Port now!
Makes it even easier to use your heated case & charge your phone with minimal cords etc.

Check out the RAD LITES, allows you to easily warn on-coming riders of others in your group while safely keeping your hands on your bars!
$75 at the show!

New this year:
Snap-In RAD Light mounts!
Available for SR Viper/Sidewinder & Apex & most all others.
Get that instant factory look with NO Mods to your sled!
Will have a Combo Special on the RAD Light & Factory look Snap In mount.

Easy Remote headlight adjusters for Apex, RX1, SX Viper, SR Viper/Sidewinder Remote headlight adjusters.
Easily adjust your Headlight ON THE TRAIL, NO TOOLS!

Also New last & this year is THE GREASER!
It is a bolt on greaser for your Speedo Side Bearings.
Once installed, you simply grease it with your grease gun when you grease your skid.
No more ruined trips due to a failed Speedo Driveshaft Bearing!
Gives you more reliable riding time.
The Greasers are finely crafted billet Aluminum.
Stop by & check them out, we have a limited quantity available. $99.

We also have the ProCross Version, we will have available at Syracuse $120, with a new bearing!

Check out the Idler Wheel grease kits $20. Billet Machined with Yamaha Tuning Forks

Viper/Sidewinder ThumbWarmer Fix Kits!

We will also have P&P 509 Ignite Goggle Power Supplies at the show.
No more dead batteries & fogged goggles!
Save your battery for when you need it & always have a backup ready to go.

ALL our kits are Plug & Play, NO modifications or wiring required.
Fast & Easy!

Come see us, will have one of the Rockettes there also! :flag:

Always great to see fellow TYers!!!
Ask about your TY'er free gift while they last!

Rock :-o

I will be there Friday night! Looking forward to seeing you again Rock!
Rock always has good deals, bribes or not!
Rock always has good deals, bribes or not!
For sure but I also know he likes his Tippy Cow and was just being facetious; we also ride together too. ;)!

I know all about his great products and deals as I have his HIDs, Yamahaheaters and Headlight Adjusters on both of my Apex's. Loved them so much that I didn't want to be without them when riding either one!