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RX1 Bender Stage 2 Install Manual

I got it to run and actually wrote it a little bit this year. I replaced every rubber hose on the machine. Focus on the lines that connect to the carb especially. New clamps and all. I also replaced the t's on the carburetor with the billet aluminum ones that I got from Ted Jannety. After replacing all of those it will idle and run. It's still backfires a little at idle and I'm working on that now. I've ordered new jets to try and richen it up a little. I'm putting a 300 jet into the charge tube pipe and a 140 in my main. I ride it at zero elevation in Illinois and Wisconsin. Mine currently has a 400 in the charge tube and 135 in the main. When I did get a chance to ride it was showing 5 lb of boost when you were on it I haven't switched it to the higher boost yet until I can get the idle smoothed out a little and make sure I'm running rich enough to not do damage.

Ok thanks I'm on the prairies of Saskatchewan and the sled came from Alberta so I'm really hoping not to mess with the jetting because Iv never messed with it so thank again
Hey will this stock jetting chart work for the these sleds?