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Wildcat XX (Yamaha Powered?)

Discussion in 'SXS YXZ1000R' started by biffdotorg, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. biffdotorg

    biffdotorg VIP Member VIP Member

    Dilworth, MN
    Apex XTX and VIper LTX SE
    So for any of you that have been following any threads on the Wildcat XX, some things have developed in Baja this week.

    For years, the Arctic Cat guys have been rumoring of a RZR killer and now a RZR Turbo/Maverick X3 killer. And it seems that the rumor of a 2017.5 Wildcat XX has gotten more attention.

    The Baja 1000 has the 2900 class for Turbo UTV and Arctic Cat has 3-4 teams entered. But AC does not offer a Turbo Wildcat you say. Yup, that's right. But the photos and now video of this new machine have finally hit Instagram by way of Todd Romano. Founder of Dragonfire racing, and team mate to Robby Gordon who are Arctic Cat Factory racers.

    Let's just say, this machine has to be running the Yamaha 998 engine or a variant of it. It's for sure a triple and it is a turbo (since it is in the turbo class) We have noted that Todd's instagram posts tag MPI. So we are thinking this is not the NA 998 from the YXZ, nor is it the 998T from the Sidewinder/Thundercat.

    Rumors of the engine supply agreement are telling us that Yamaha would not allow the 998T to go into anything but sleds, but they could use the 998. So a 998 with an MPI turbo would give them a solid machine putting out 200-250hp. They have King shocks, and RG suspension from the new RG Wildcat. But we also noted the Team clutches that look very similar to the Thundercat clutches.

    All I know is if they put one of those teams on a the podium at the Baja 1000 in a Yamaha powered Wildcat, you know that MPI will be selling quite a few more turbos for the YXZ folks.

    It's all rumor till it's in print, but the photos and video of that machine pounding big bumps at 80 screaming that Yamaha triple are eye/ear candy!!

    Testing at Baja in the dark this week! (just listen to it!)

    Daytime testing

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