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Yamaha a no show at Big East Show !!!

Who knows. Maybe Yamaha is all done with Arctic Cat and Polaris is waiting in the wings.

Troy H is likely saying that there will always be a thundercat as in they will just slap a turbo on their new big bore 2 stroke and call it a thundercat.

The 998 is going to go to Polaris
I remember when Cat killed the 1000 Triple Triple and replaced it with a 900 twin telling us it would be faster than the Tcat. That was not the case. We rode the old Tcats until the 4 stroke turbos were on the snow. I suspect many of us will be riding our 998 Tcats and Sidewinders long after the Turbo twin two strokes are released.
thought this was already discussed with a cpl pages on here this week?!? Anyway, Yamaha wasn’t there because they sold their entire allotment they could build by dinner in opening day. What are they gonna do, bring sleds there and say hey you like this? Maybe you can buy one second hand in few years because we don’t have any available.
It was. An by you none the less, didn’t get responses you liked in that post so thought you would post again to get your band of pitch fork toting hooded brethren together to hate?
Yamaha is done with sleds. It's sad.

I've been riding them since the 2002 Viper came out, and my Sidewinder is likely going to be my last. I'd rather support a company that is commited to the industry.
Yamaha had a nice display at the Wide Open Wisconsin show.
I drove just over an hour to the show. And it was worth it for me. I met up with old friends. Got to talk with representatives from Arctic Cat, Polaris, and Ski-Doo. I got a killer deal on iGrip studs. I saw Stud Boy 6” Shaper Bars there for $88, better than any deal that I found online. Another friend also got $100 off on the helmet he wanted and he also got to try on the helmet for fit before he bought it. So the show was good and worthwhile for many of us.

Yamaha’s transition out of the snowmobile marketplace is definitely sad.
I think it's a shame that yamaha appears to be leaving the sport. Simply making engines only really doesn't cut it for me. Look at some of the things they did to the procross chassis that helped cat a great deal. Could Cat possibly come out with a wide body catalyst for a boosted 4stroke? Btw that 2023 SRX is incredible looking lol.
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Very sharp looking but at my age, not sure how I could ride it at -20 deg F at 80-100 MPH with no windshield.