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06 Apex Coolant problems


Dec 6, 2011
I have owned my 06 Apex Gt for 4 years now and had no problems so far, until last season when I threw a stud and punctured the front heat exchanger. I have a buddy who owns a welding shop so we buttoned up that problem right away. Ever since then I can't keep the coolant in it? As soon as im up to temp, the overflow fills up then spills on the ground? I thought vapour lock, so I raised the nose almost vertical 3 times in a row while up to temperature and im still having the same problem!!! Anyone have anything for me?


it usually helps to raise the rear of the sled. I think there is a bleed off fitting somewhere on the rear heat exchanger, or on the crossover pipe between your side exchangers that are under the running boards
What did you ever figure out? And yes i know this thread is 13 years old. Lol
More than likely, the OP never performed the proper bleed procedure and still had air trapped in the system.

Even though I use this to fill my coolant:

I still had to perform this as there was still some air in system as evident when unloosening the bled screw: