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2006 Apex won't start after lengthy storage.


Feb 1, 2024
Albany NY
2006 Apex
I dragged my Apex out of a fairly long storage. I put a new battery in and had no fuel pump. To shorten the story I removed the tank and replaced the fuel pump, sender, and cleaned the return valve. The pump runs with the key on and I can hear fuel returning to the tank. It cranks over fast but does not fire at all. I did give it a quick shot of starting fluid in the airbox and it lit right off for several seconds. Looking for ideas on what to look for next.

sounding like injectors are plugged or pressure regulator is stuck open.
Fresh 91 octane ethanol free in the tank after removing and cleaning it. Is there a separate pressure regulator, or is it the return fitting in the tank? The return fitting was gummed up, but I cleaned it and it is working. I am doubting plugs since it ran fine when put away and fires well on ether. I am leaning towards plugged injectors but was hoping for any easy fix.

UPDATE: Pulled the injectors and none of them will click. Working on cleaning them up. Got 2 spraying and 2 still plugged. Anyone know a good source for injectors?
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