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2011 Apex valve adjustment and cam position sensor


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Feb 1, 2009
Boone, Iowa
2011 Apex XTX with 14,000 miles and well cared for and runs fine:
Reading posts about checking valve clearances I decided it would be a good idea to check mine considering the mileage. The manual I have for 2006 to 2010.
Are the adjustment instructions and clearance specs the same for 2011 and up as for older models? I know the heads were changed from previous years.
If the clearance specs are the same, all my exhaust valves are in the middle of the range and all the intake valves are middle to lower end of the spec range. So, don't think I'll change any of the adjuster at this point.

Also, I removed the cam position sensor from the valve cover to allow more room to get the valve cover off. When I pulled it out of the hole it sounded like something fell inside the valve cover. Anyone know anything about that? I've looked all over inside the head with a light, mirror and a magnet and didn't find anything.

Any experienced help appreciated.

I believe the heads are the same on ‘06-10 sleds vs ‘11+, but the cam timing is different, as well as the ignition timing, hence the need to run 91 octane fuel. The valve lash specs should be identical. Can’t really help you with the cam sensor question, been a few years since I’ve been into one that deep.
not seeing it in the 11+ manual but it does say to rerefer back to the rx and older apex manuals for some items.

at 20000 mi on my 11 and have not had any starting/running issues that where not my fault.