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Anyone running Munster finger throttle?


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Oct 25, 2020
2023 Sidewinder LTX-LE EPS
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1998 Venture 700
Starting to have issues with my thumbs and looking for an alternative to the thumb throttle. Anyone ever tried the Munster finger throttle for trail riding? The only posts I can find are for mountain rising.

A twist throttle solves every issue with any of the lever types of throttle. I'll expand on this in a couple of days.
I've never used a finger throttle, but everyone I know who has done this has liked it.

I would like to try one, but can't talk myself into spending $200 plus to do it. I have seen guys spin the thumb throttle around and use it as a finger throttle. Maybe try that if you don't want to spend the money on a Munster.
WAY back when I rode the North Star machines, we used to roll the thumb lever around to the front for finger use. Kinda like Skud doo people do now. Then tried a Magura twist grip, with a heater too, liked that even more. Had to have a CUSTOM throttle cable made though. Motion Pro did them back then, dont know if they still do.
How do you keep the wires from breaking for the heated twist grip?
There is less movement for the wires than wires to a thumb heater. Not only that the grip is warmer because your glove is insulating more of the grip from transferring heat to the air plus your entire palm is absorbing that heat. If it's set up right there is less than a quarter of a rotation from idle to wide open. 1/8th might be better, mine is 60* right now.