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Throttle (and starting) issue


TY 4 Stroke Master
Feb 28, 2005
Menasha, WI
'17 Sidewinder LTX-LE
Was up in Rhinelander last week. Temps were pretty cold over the weekend. I have a 2017 Sidewinder LTX-LE. Saturday, I never had any issue, other than a few more turns of the key to get it to start. Sunday morning (still -13 degrees out) it really struggled to start. I was patient, however, afraid to use the throttle while trying to start it. So, I just turned the key a few times. Gave it a break, and repeated. It would fire each time, but took awhile before it to catch and stay running. Once it did, it didn't sound right and was kind of chugging. While I was doing this my buddy was going to try to load his '15 Viper. He's got valve issues right now and uses his throttle to aid in starting. For some reason his throttle stuck and seemed like it was frozen somewhere in the cable. So, I went to load mine. As soon as I touched the throttle, something felt funny in it and it started chugging and lunging forward. I quickly realized my throttle was sticking as well and had to grab the brake. The part that really concerned me was how weird the engine was acting (chugging.) I quickly shut it off, fearing it was going to take off since part of the throttle was open. I then played with the throttle a little bit and it eventually unstuck itself. I started it again and all seemed fine and I loaded it up right away. Anyone else have the throttle do this? I'm guessing it was due to cold temps since my buddy had a similar issue. My main concern now is the engine. I haven't run it since and it did seem fine at the time of putting it onto the trailer. Is there anything to worry about? Just looking for some feedback. It will probably be due for a good going over this Spring/Summer as it's going on 5 years old, but would like to know if I should be looking at anything in particular with this (and any other) issue?

Mark, do you have the roll over valve bypassed? Possible that it was frozen. And the chugging you speak of ? Sounds like it was running on 2 cylinders instead of 3, or I could see the frozen ROV causing a bad idle also. I don’t think you hurt the motor as you mentioned it straightened itself out some. New plugs, check oil seal, and get rid of the damn ROV.
Don't shame me, but yes I haven't done anything with the rollover valve (or top gear, driveshaft, etc.) It's pretty much the same as you last saw it (other than fresh oil changes, new belts, and gauntlets.) I did question if it was maybe not running on all cylinders. I think you even mentioned previously that the idle was a little off. Maybe it was ROV. And I'm sure it's time for new plugs anyways. Was also wondering if the throttle sticking/freezing was a common issue, since my buddy's viper had the same issue that morning. Also, had another Viper, Thundercat and Pantera with that did not have those issues, though. I will say that Pantera always seems to start hard from what I've seen overall, though.