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Awesome service, and products!


TY 4 Stroke Junkie
Jul 23, 2017
Southern NH
2007 Attak
I just wanted to take a minute to post about my experience with Roc. I ordered Yamaheaters for my Attak and after install realized I had a problem with a grip. Roc walked me through some tests and sure enough, it was a bad grip. I got that replaced and then had a bunch of questions. Those that have read my posts know I like to know what I'm getting into, how things work, etc. Roc answered every question, and was so thorough and helpful. Just a pure joy to work with and interact with. Outstanding customer service!

And then there's the quality of the product. Unreal. So well made, and easy to install, it is crazy. Very well done product, and it works just awesome. Exactly as advertised. Love my Yamaheaters!

Thanks Roc!