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Mar 5, 2011
2021 SIDEWINDER LTX GT (soon)!
2019 SIDEWNDER LTX DX 6000 miles
2018 VIPER LTX DX 2200 miles
2014 VIPER LTX DX 8000 + miles
2014 BENNINGTON 22 ft. PONTOON BOAT/ 90 HP Yamaha
I’m looking for information on the history and reliability of these shocks as they were available on 16 & 17 Vectors.


I’m looking for information on the history and reliability of these shocks as they were available on 16 & 17 Vectors.

Well they started using gytr way back in 2006 on the apex gt,I don’t beleive they installed them from the factory on any of the 16/17 models although you could buy them& they would fit those models(apex,vector)they made a huge difference on my sled,they stopped the majority of ski lift in the corners& ride much smoother than my non adjustable shocks.(getting ready to send them out for refresh this year)they seem to be very dependable& although some who ride real rough trails at warp speed prefer the floats I have nothing but good to say about them,the adjustment knobs change the ride& handling with just one click of the knob which is pretty amazing that they are that sensitive, Hygear offers upgrades to them which I would think would make them even more awesome.Im sure steve(cannondale) can comment as he rebuilds them & probably knows way more about the internals/commen wear parts than I do
Thanks for the info. A friend of mine just bought a 17 with 3000 miles and he was told they were an option if you spring ordered sled as part of the freebie package. He was thinking of removing them, and I told him he should run them a few miles before he makes a change. We ride all Quebec miles, on nice smooth trails. I think they should be good in those conditions. Hopefully Cannondale will chime in here.
My brother maim has them on both his apex's. They are way better than the stock non gytr. I have ohlins on my 05 warrior which only have compression dampening while the gytr's have both compression and rebound dampening which really lets you dial them in. We live in and sled on the trails in Northern Ontario which can get rough and choppy so the ability to dial them from plush to stiff with a dial is awesome. If I remember correctly most of the cruising type sleds(ventures) have a higher rebound dampening and lower compression to help with the smooth ride. This setup here does not work well as the shock packs up and does not extend out fast enough so the ability to adjust becomes key.
i love them on both my apex's. improved the ride on my brother's 13 rs venture gt before i took that set back. added bounus is the the resi on the shocks helps keep the fluid cooler for less shock fade. that is one of the biggest differences i noticed.