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Help finding a oil leak


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Dec 30, 2020
Cape Breton, NS
2015 Viper S-TX-DX - Traded
2023 Sidewinder LTX-GT
Hey everyone, I went into the garage the other day and noticed 2 puddles of oil under the sled. I was out the day previous for a 200k ride. One puddle was directly under the engine and between the lower control arm mounts. The second was below the inner chain case. My chain case oil is blue, so I don’t believe it’s chain oil.

Worth mentioning, I have a belly pan skid. It’s lowest part is at the inner chain case, same as the belly pan shield under the cain case. So i think it’s collecting somewhere and draining there.

So I stripped the plastics, belly pan skid and muffler. My first suspect was the oil tank & chain case cover seal. And I do see oil there, next to the reverse actuator. But, the removable aluminum panels under the engine are soaked in oil. There are a few drips of oil coming off the bottom of the oil pan (engine) in a line along the lowest point of the engine between the primary & stator, running down from the front of the engine.

So I took the air box off to get a look at the front of the engine and found the intake screen on the air box is soaked, as is the entire nose cone. There’s a layer of oil everywhere In the nose cone.

When you guys get a leak between the tank & chain case cover, does it do this? If the leak is there, could it puddle under the engine and the intake create enough suction to suck it up & coat the area around it with oil?

Also, found a drip of coolant on the top of the block, behind the muffler under the coolant cap/thermostat housing. I can see where it’s been dripping from there and running down to the belly pan for a bit. Not really loosing any noticeable amount of coolant so it’s just a drip. This normal?



Hmmm, too much oil? When cold oil level was at the max level.
I've had exactly the same 2 leaks on my 2020 Viper. The oil in and around the airbox is caused when the oil level is overfull, it drains into the airbox. I had the same oil dripping to the ground and brought my sled back to the dealer and they sucked out 300 mls from the tank to bring it to the proper level. This happened right after an oil change. The coolant leak was from the hose just below the rad cap, above the muffler, the clamp was loose.
Great, tx for the info fellas!