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High Mileage Vector

Discussion in 'RS General Talk' started by 2datrl, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. 2datrl

    2datrl Extreme

    Winthrop Harbor, Il.
    By the end of this season I should have 11,ooo miles on my 2012 Vector.
    The track and donuts were changed at 8000 mile. Shocks and clutches serviced a few times along the way. New battery.
    If I do not trade for a 2020, what should I plan on doing for the next season?
    My thoughts are drive shaft bearings, clutches and shock service, skid bearings as needed.
    Anything else?
    Thanks in advance.
  3. CaptCaper

    CaptCaper VIP Member VIP Member

    Northern N.H.
    2016 RS Vector XTX 1.25 Lug wifes..2013 RS Vector LTX.. 2003 600 VMax Past Machines 3-2007 Attaks 1-2010 Vector LTX.. sorry no Stinkdoos or poo's cats.
    Have you done the A Arm bushings? there are kit's out there. Also replace bushings in skid. Drive shaft bearings should be good for a while if you've greased the ones behind the secondary's regularly.
  4. 2datrl

    2datrl Extreme

    Winthrop Harbor, Il.
    Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know who offers the bushing kit?
  5. maim

    maim Moderator Staff Member Moderator Lifetime VIP Member VIP Member

    sudbury on
    2016 apex xtx/ 2011 apex xtx/ 2009 phaser rtx/x/ 1997 et410t/r
    other than the bushings, you are on the right track. my 2011 xtx had the speedo bearing fail at 11000 mi and as the paranoid guy i am, i did the jackshaft bearing and chain case bearings while i was in there. as i added 2000 miles after i did that and had noticed that the chain and gears had wear, i replaced them during off season maintenece.

    i know pioneer used to, try ulmer racing or barn of parts.
  6. theCATman

    theCATman TY 4 Stroke Master

    Southern WI
    There's multiple places to get the bushings now.

    I just got a kit off Ebay for $120

  7. Dara

    Dara Expert

    I have a 2012 vector LTX It has a bit better than 14,000 miles on it
    Just checked donuts and they are fine. original
    A bracket beside them broke loose and it had to be re riveted.
    I change my drive shaft/speedo bearing every 2 years. 35 bucks to change it, 500 to fix when it goes on the trail.
    I forgot to change the jack shaft/secondary clutch bearing and it went out on the trail. Got hot enough to warp the shaft. Thats expensive.
    I need to rebuild shocks this summer and do the A arm bushings.
    Changed a few bearings on idler wheels and a couple wheels. Otherwise its fine
    Track is original.
    Did a bit of clutch work
    I found that when its 10 belowF the power steering acts up and quits

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