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Nytro Supercharger Build 2016

Don’t know how to measure 15lbs of tension either but maybe I’ll give Yamaha a call

You need to take the oil tank loose and let it hang to get at the tensioner bolt. I use a fish scale and hook it at the center point of the belt between the two pulleys. Pull it to 15 pounds and use a ruler to measure how far the belt moves from resting point. The tensioner pulley center bolt should be slightly loosened just enough to allow it to slide and adjust the 13mm tension adjustment bolt that pushes the pulley against the belt. Once you get it to 1/4” deflection tighten the pulley center bolt and tighten the lock nut on the tensioner bolt. Recheck belt deflection, it’s usually going to tighten a bit more when you tighten the center pulley bolt.

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