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Opinion on missing track lug

Crazy Canuk

Jan 27, 2010
Northern Ontario
It appears that I tore a lug off, or at least half of one. The track is a Hurricane 175 with about 2,200 kms on it. it doesn't appear that the track it torn. Picture attached. Machine is an LTX with no engine mods. A couple of questions:

It is safe to ride on?
Is there anything I should do to it to protect the belts or otherwise?

Appreciate the help and feedback.

I tore a couple windows on my track a couple years ago with my super lites which prompted me to call Camso....they said don't worry about it.
I would be concerned about the area around the tear starting to delaminate if left unattended. I have used this sealant in the past to seal an area like this to prevent it from delaminating. It's flexible and waterproof:

Be prepared for more lugs tearing out. My hurricane track was missing tons of lugs by the time I hit 1500miles and ended up swapping it out because it was vibrating so much. Just not a durable track. It didn’t blow though
Thanks gents, it is just one for now so I might go Rob's route with the 5200. That stuff is unreal. What did you swap yours out for Richard? I do like the hurricane.
i have re moulded lugs with URETHANE... the same #*$&@ used to hold windshield in!!! that stuff sticks better than #*$&@ to a blanket and molds firm to rubber and stays flexible... cures in hours.