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Order your TY Ride Shirts 2022-23 Season now!!


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TY Ride Shirts 2022-23 Season!!!
I hope you guys like this year's design. We are really pushing to have everything available by the first ride in January, but due to some extended lead times, we will have them for the Giveaway for sure!!
2023 Image.JPG

2023 Image - 2.JPG
If you want a shirt, please fill out the attached order form and send into Webmaster@totallyamaha.net along with your payment via check, paypal, or note you will pay upon pickup. Thanks and enjoy the new ride shirt. More info below:

T shirts: $16 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $3 for 3XL and $5 for 4 XL
Long Sleeve: $20 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $4 for 3XL and $6 for 4 XL
Sweatshirts: $25 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $4 for 3XL and $6 for 4 XL
Hoodies: $40 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $4 for 3XL and $6 for 4 XL

All shirts can be ordered in Navy or Heather Gray.

We have a few of the tumblers left over from last year if you would like one, now is your chance!!

Mug (Small).jpg
30oz Insulated Tumbler: $20 ea.

You must contact me and use Paypal friends & family direct for the shipping rates of $9 per shirt in the US and $18 per shirt for CA. If you use the Paypal order forms using the links at the bottom of the page the shipping rates are set. If you want to pick them up at the ride, I will have your name on your orders and available at the rides that I will attend or I can arrange the TY Ride leader to hand them out. If you are ordering multiple shirts that need to be shipped, please contact me for a shipping total before placing your order. (I can give you a better rate). If you do send PayPal, please send as a friends and family to avoid extra fees on our end.

You can send payment via PayPal to webmaster@totallyamaha.net or you can mail a check or cashier’s check to: please message me for address. I can also accept Apple Pay or Venmo, contact me for details.

The ride shirts will be available anytime after printing. I will have only a FEW extra at the rides that I will be attending. So if you want a shirt you should order NOW. Deadline is Dec 23.

Please email this completed form to webmaster@totallyamaha.com


Use the attached Word Doc for non online payment orders.

*If you want to use the pay now form with PayPal or CC to ship direct <<click here>>

*If you want to use the pay now form with PayPal or CC to Pick-Up at Ride <<click here>>


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Someone has to get the ball rolling. Come on members let's turn this ball into an avalanche.
Man Kennan that was fast
Leave it to us Ohio members to lead the way
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