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Rx-1 at my wit's end! Carb issues??

the little o rings are all in place under the cv caps on the carbs? brother had one split and said it ran dumb until he replaced it.
O rings are all in place under the caps on top. Checked those last night

Fuel pump? RX should have dual fuel pumps, each one feeding a pair of carbs. Hopefully you mean both?
Yes I did mean both fuel pumps: Update thank God I saved all the old jets and needles after rebuilding the carbs. Took the carbs out. Put all the old jets through the ultrasonic for 45min and installed everything back in. Turns out I had one of the main jet needle washers on top of the lock washer, don't think it was making a huge difference but dropped the lock washer down to the 4th groove to make it a bit richer. Changed screws out on the airbox clamps to others I could get a lot tighter. Between everything the sled is finalllllyyyt running perfect. Thanks to everybody for the suggestions.