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Sidewinder Accesories

View attachment 126750 View attachment 126751 You don't mention which track length you have, but let's assume you have the 137. I found the Viper expandable tunnel bag works great, and a square RotoPax 1 gallon can fits easily....while a 1.75 can fit, but the nozzle pushes a bit.

You may find you really don't need the spare gas.....I've carried mind all winter and simply don't need it.

Shop AC for additional options....the tank / map bag fits pretty good. When doing my survey, I mentioned my dealers parts department lost a lot of sale dollars, as there were only a few items to buy from Yamaha.

Here's a picture of the bag and cans

Q. Arrius
That's what I want to do. What holds the can down in the bag?

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I have never detected any smell of gas. The Roto pak has a pretty good seal....but I still double check when I screw the cap on, by turning it over.

The bag has an internal strap. Second, if I think I have beat up trails, or toss in a lot of extra gear....I will tie one or two of those flexible metal/ foam covered tie-downs on. Some times I'll loop one around the tail light bracket.

When I had to carry a week's worth of gear, I pop riveted a buckle to each side. Sami and Cat sell them. Then, I use a generic nylon strap and cinch it all down. After that...I wanted to carry a back pack on top of the tunnel bag...so I pop riveted Cat's tunnel loops. If I wanted to go crazy...I could lace the stuff on with thin para cord.

I have never felt the can move or flop ect.

If you use the 1.75 gal roto...it leaves little room side to side. The 1 gallon has some space, so I put extra gloves in there to make sure the can stays centered.

I really like it since it's not too heavy for the tunnel, and keeps everything stream-lined. The extra weight helps, as I'm a light rider. Plus, I can put a combo lock on the bag, and even a cable lock through the rear bumper.

Q. Arrius
Up North mounting plate w/ LINQ gas caddy ...
I have a 137" 2022 LTX-GT EPS (with larger tunnel bag) ... clean fit
Up North mounting plate w/ LINQ gas caddy ...
I have a 137" 2022 LTX-GT EPS (with larger tunnel bag) ... clean fit
I put same setup this year on my sled beautiful product fits awesome.
Not sure the Sidewinder can sport all these accessories?


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