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Somewhere Near Fargo 23/24 Edition


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Dec 2, 2008
Pelican Rapids, MN
Apex XTX and Viper LTX SE
Yup, it's that time of year. We got what Minnesotan's call a Skiff of snow. We are 29f and see our first of the white stuff. To the West, Northern ND got hit pretty good with an inch in Fargo to up over a foot in some areas to the NW.

We won't see above freezing temps for the next 4-5 days. And damn those leaves fell after I had them all cleaned up.


It's what you do when there is no snow on the ground, and the ice is very sketchy on the lake. I did a full service on my primary trail tank.

Oil change, chaincase oil, Steering Bushings, lubed the skid, swapped one carbide, swapped hyfax to find the vespel sliders were eating away the track clips. Although the track does have around 11,000 miles on it, so it owes me nothing.

Lucky me, I live a few hours North of TracksUSA, and they had a new 1.6" Ice Cobra in stock at the best press in the nation. After pulling the track, I come to find it is in great shape and can be reclipped. It will make a good track for someone that does not like studs as many of the imbedded studs are worn down, but still add some grip for stopping.

So new track, new hyfax, lubed the skid and drive bearing as well as jackshaft bearing, topped the battery and replaced a header clamp. This animal is ready for some fresh gas and snow! I even sanded down the bottom of the skid rails to make hyfax replacement easier. What a difference, as sand gets in there and makes them rough.

BTW, Tom released his Apex Track swap video after I did my last Ice Cobra install. I had that video downloaded on my iPad while doing it this time, it is an amazing reference! Thank you so much for putting that up, as it gives a guy a load of confidence going into this project. This short clip below will blow anyones mind at how many parts there are in this job. I used a marker on cardboard to outline the parts for re-assembly.

I pulled my trail tank out on Saturday, as well as the Viper. I had to give the new track on the trail tank some test pulls.

OMG, it felt good to rip the lakes. We have 13.5" of ice and just a few inches of snow. So it was perfect for some high speed passes. Both sleds ran amazing, and are ready to trailer to the nearest snow this weekend. It just has to happen.

I am seeing groomer reports from 100 miles North of us. Nothing real scenic, but worth chasing after. We just need snow in MN!!
First and last ride of the season. Dropped at a friends shop to the SW of Paul Bunyan State Forest. Got in 44 miles before lunch at Spikes along HIghway 71.

That was as far West as I went. To the East the forest roads were amazing. Flat and fast! But there were enough gates closed that I could not venture further east of the Lake George road. The halvorson trail would have been a blast, and I noticed at least one sled went around the closed gate. I am assuming that was closed during the wet season to keep the SXS off the road. But it was a shame to have closed with a half foot of snow on it.

55 miles to end the day/season. Worth every bit of the 5 miles of thin ditchline I had to ride to get into the woods.

It's sad that I had my shakedown run at the end of the season. New Track, new carbides, and all new bushings in my steering linkage. But boy she ran great. I could hear myself giggling in my helmet when I was squeezing the loud hammer on a couple pulls!