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thinking of trying 4 stroke... any suggestions??

Our 16 vector xtx with the three modes would drive away from my brothers 1200 renegade in sport mode on the trail.

I had a '99 SRX700, then '03 and '05 RX-1 followed by '08 Apex. Currently riding a '14 Vector I bought a couple years ago with 400 miles on it and I absolutely LOVE it. Better gas mileage than any of my previous sleds, POWER STEERING and I can stay with the bigger sleds unless it's a long straight. Easily run away from my two riding buddies on their '14 Vipers.
I think the Vectors and Rage models are very under rated. They are pretty quick to @80 mph or so.
The carbed ones seem to get better MPG's than the EFI versions, at least in my experience. The ease of EFI is not worth the trade though in my mind if you are not mechanically inclined
Hey guys, i am thinking about getting a 4 stroke this spring. i ride an 01 srx 700 with 136 extension and all my buddies have 4 strokes. my problem is i have a big family so i cant realy afford a new one, so my price range would have to be something used around 5k.. can anyone suggest a decent sled for around this? my buddy is selling a nice 15 arctic cat xf 8000 but hes asking 7k.. i have been looking at the apex's and can get them around here for under 6. woulod these be a good model? and what year is best?
I'm agreeing with the others posting here. And am seeing Apex/Vectors/Vipers and Nytros in your price range.

It's too bad your buddy didn't have a newer 8000, as that's the old CTEC engine. The 600 version in that year, as the CTEC2 engine. The 800 CTEC2 performed nearly identical to my Apex XTX in power delivery. It's so smooth for a two stroke. I can't say the same for the older 800 CTEC in that 2015. He can ask what he wants for it, but the demand for that old engine has fallen off totally.
The 06-07 Nytros are great sleds. The hood opens wide open making it super simple to work on. Very reliable. Assuming you take care of the carbs, they run great. Tons of power and easy on fuel. My riding buddy had a 08 Phazer and we burnt exactly the same amount of fuel on our rides, but I had way more power. I find the RS sleds a warmer sled on long trail rides.

I'm personally not a huge fan of the Ripsaw 1 track in deep snow. It likes to trench.
coming from srx, i would reccomend any apex so you still have the punch in the trails. longer track rides better. do not discount a low milage rx1 either as they can be made to handle as good as an apex.

just buy what you like and beware of the lipstick sleds.

22000 mi on my 11 and still running it as one of the main trail sleds.
10 or newer Vector , get an LTX if you can find one. They are rare and more many than an apex. But worth it.
Better on fuel "quicker" than an apex to 60. Smoke those vipers all day long. Cheaper to own.
Ltx apex , a good second choice .
Can find them easier and cheaper.
Know where your fuel stops are and you'll learn to to change Donouts and get y pipes welded . Same with the vector.
I have both and the vector is the , go to sled , for all day .
You really have to assess whether you like a rider forward design or happy sitting. Apex/Vector (Delta Box) chassis are more of sit down ride. Nytro is more forward and transitions to standing quite well. I could still ride all day on a Nytro. No where as smooth and easy as a Pro cross, but still relevant by todays terms.

Gas tank on a stock Nytro is dinky small. I upgraded to a Trail Tank and it made all the difference in the world.
You will want Travis Barn of Parts. Soft Start Primary Clutch Spring no matter what Yamaha 4 Stroke model you buy. Makes them way safer to load on trailers. And less likely to trench in reverse! They have that much torque! Trust me don’t ask me how I know Lol! P.S get a Seat Concepts seat riser! Way better on our old knees! I also took the opportunity to add a seat heater at the same time. Was 9 degrees last night when I went out for a shakedown run my butt was about to sweat after a 1 mile run to the end of our road!
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