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  1. Lyle Rogalla

    Nytro Exploding Stator Cover

    Any ideas as to the cause of this Nytro engine stator cover explosion will be greatly appreciated. See photos Back story: Well cared for easy ridden 2009 Bucket list Nytro XTX with 9,850 miles. Kept in showroom condition. This year total bucket list restoration, Mountain Tech cross over 41"...
  2. R

    Need advice - blown head gasket

    engine began to run rough, and tone sounded off ( running on 3??) Appears blown head gasket as two plugs show milky near threads (outside and inside) so............. I need to check engine oil can I pull head and replace gasket without worrying about crank bearings? how hard to pull head with...
  3. HatchetJack

    Thrown Rod/Cracked Case - 05 Venture Replacement engine question)

    Hello all, End of season last year, I threw a rod (failed piston 'Plane Bearing') on my 05 RS Venture and the top and bottom cases of my engine cracked. I took it all apart to see what I could salvage so I have a bunch of good parts left. I have a lead on an 06 Vector engine which should just...
  4. J

    Looking for 2009 FX Nytro Long Block

    I finally got my gyroplane back in the air (it was indeed a head gasket), but the power just isn't where it should be and compression tests lead me to doubt the rings. Short term, I'll looking for another engine or long block for a 2008-2011 FX Nytro. I would consider a used engine with less...
  5. V

    Whining noise when engine breaking (video)

    Hello, I recently purchased an -05 Venture RS and it's my first 4-stroke - hence im a bit unfamiliar with the sounds it makes in comparision to my old 2-stroke. Apart from the rattling variator noise that seems to be normal - it makes a quite loud whining noise whenever im in movement and let...
  6. S

    Help with "New" 2005 Venture RS

    Hello, brand new to this site and this sled. Bought it last year from an estate sale. Has less than 100 miles on it and is really brand new. The gentleman I bought it from privately had it serviced prior to sale at local dealer ( carbs, ect.) I put new factory plugs in it. Took it up to cabin in...
  7. EmilFagerli

    Venture RS 2007 Won't start.

    Hey. I have recently aquiered an old Yamaha Venture RS, but I have problems with getting it to start. It ran yesterday, for the first time in a long time. Had to charge the battery, but after that it was fine. Then when I tried to start it today, it went on, I let it run for some time and then...