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Brake Caliper


Staff member
Feb 20, 2007
Just a heads up to everyone. I Just changed track on mine and was very surprised to find the inside piston on my 2 season old Caliper was siezed. Brake was dragging. Only outer was moving when brake activated. I hate to think what that would do to pads and driveshaft bearing along with a slight fire danger. I didnt have time to take pics but the fluid at the caliper was just Black both side. At master the fluid looked brand new. The piston had corrosion on it bore was ok. This caliper was replaced 2 seasons ago and I believe I split Caliper last season at bearing and driveshaft inspection time. So only one season did this. I had Maxima Dot 4 Brake fluid in there which I would think is good stuff. Good news is the welded driveshaft and Barn of Parts Driveshaft wedge stopped all bearing spinning on shaft. Torqued to 50 ft lbs. Bearing was just needing a little grease. That makes me very happy. Thank You Travis!

To fix I removed pad from caliper inner and got the piston to come all the way out with brake pressure after try with air pressure and failing. It then came out rest of way with air easy. The outer came out with air easily.

I Polished up both pistons using a Lathe with emery cloth and Brown Scotch Brite to polish. Just cleaned out the Caliper. Did not remove the sealing ring in it. Everything is nice and free now.

I had the same thing on my 14. It actually started a fire it got so hot. I pulled it out and scotch brited the hell out of it. All good now.