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Fat guy baseline setup advice needed

Hi guys. I've been stuck up in Kapuskasing ON for an extra 5 days while my broken down truck gets fixed, and have some time to kill. I have a 2021 LTX GT Sidewinder, and need some advice on getting this thing to handle. I'm 5'11", 265lb without gear, and ride pretty aggressively. I installed 8" Bergstrom Triple skegs on the stock Stryke skis this season, hoping it would help with understeer, but only marginally improved turn in, while making darting a bit worse.

So far I have messed a bit with the front springs (stiffened to lessen roll), but other than that only played with the QS3 clickers. I have noticed that if I don't want the inside ski jacking mid-corner I need to run the front shocks at the stiffest setting. If my previous learnings with car setups has any relevance, I should be limiting roll with spring stiffness, rather than relying on an aggressive compression damping setting, correct?

The front end doesn't seem to have enough ski pressure to instill confidence in turn in, and ANY throttle applied before I'm totally straight washes the front end out to the outside of the corner. I am using a crazy amount of body english to get this heavy sled to turn. While fun, I'm exhausted at the end of the day.

I feel that the entire stock setup is SO far away from where it should be for someone my size that I'm asking if anyone has some recommended baseline settings to start with? (front/center/rear spring settings, strap setting, clickers)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mark
I live in Kapuskasing and have the same sled. My rider weight is similar. I run the Stryke ski with stock carbides. Front shocks 2 turns from loose and shock set on 2. Rear suspension front shock set at 3/4” threads left and limiter stock setting. Rear springs cam on 3 and shock on 2. This set up works really good for me sometimes I set the rear shock back to 1 depending how rough the trail is. Minimal darting and decent bite on corners very flat no ski lift. I am getting a bit of push lately but I have 6500kms on the carbides, just holding out till next year. I also installed the billet 4 position cam on the rear springs to get a bit more adjustment. Number 4 is too stiff.

One problem with these sleds is they accumulate ice and it actually changes the ride height as you ride so Its hard to find the perfect initial set up.

Too bad I didn’t know sooner we could have hooked up to ride and I could have helped you with set up.

soo im 220 i didnt like the stock cat springs on the 20 as they lowered the sled for that year on the iQS, i just got the set up from HYGEAR, dual rate for front ski's 400 top short spring and 150 long bottom, and i put in the 1500.00 centre shock from the 2017 XC with the dual stage HYGEAR spring on it aswell. the factory had 3.5" of sag which left not alot of shock travel and ive always gone with 2" sage but becuz thes springs are dual stage and stiffer ive gone to 2.5 sage and the middle shock 2 turns from install and i always pull limiter up one hole for the angle of attack , make track quieter and gain speed. , just as mentioned the skies should plant firm when off throttle giving you grip through corners .. like a pivot action but not to a point that when on the throttle the ski's are in the air. my settings are light on front and medium on rear shock and soft in spring setting. ive tryed the new ARROW 2 skies this year that use the skidoo pilot carbides as they are a deep dual keel ski, ive always run C&A or CURVE before which i like.... TRICK was i always put a washer on the middle 2 studs on the carbide before install on ski and this made them hang lower like a skate blade and pushed them deeper in the snow on corners like rails. try it.
Thanks for all your replies guys! Much appreciated! I finally have some time this week to mess around with some of the suggestions mentioned, and will report back.