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Need advice

Pipe Dreams

VIP Member
Dec 12, 2022
Bristol Wi
2021 Sidewinder
I have a 21 ltx se that I have 2 trips on and I'm pushing in the corners during the day with the loose snow, but at night it's alot better. I'm 290lbs before snowmobile gear. I have the 4position torsion block installed, aggressive snowtrackers, center shock backed off with 3/4" threads showing, front shock preload is about 70% tight.If i put heaver torsion springs will this help my ski pressure adjustments? Should I try different skis?

Heavier torsion springs would help out a lot as well. I'm 210 in street clothes and I have one step stronger torsion springs and a riding buddy is 240 in street clothes and he's 2 steps up from stock on his torsion springs. Not sure which spring comes stock in your MY but ours were 18# springs. I went to a 20# spring (only 1 side) and my buddy went to a 22# spring (only 1 side). You being 290 in street clothes will need to go a little heavier and most likely both sides.
To answer your question the rear torsion springs have some effect on ski pressure but only when you balance the transfer correctly. Your front track shock will effect your ski pressure way more along with limiter straps… The ski’s will only perform as your set up will allow.. In other words if your set up ( Balance and transfer ) is wrong it won’t matter what ski you run it will never work at full potential.. IMO the torsion springs on the sled are adequate even for your weight.. Get your suspension to transfer going into the corner and your ski’s will turn as the weight presses them into the snow.. No transfer, no turn… Run your front shocks on the softer side and this chassis will rail around a corner..Running set of Double Carbide is also a good way to go on ice base trails…