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Looking at used winders

I probably won't buy another 998 until they update them. My sled is an MPS kit away from being better than a 2023. It has better shocks, all the fixes, and a better seat than a comparable 2023.
The best fix was your recommendation for the lower drive shaft repair at Franks.This was for me, a one and done Repair to get me many more years on my Crosstour.One thing became clear to me after this repair is that skidoo has a better build quality,and with the additional smart shocks technology, I know which sled I will be looking at next ✅

See I'm racking my brain over this the last few months. I know stuff is expensive now but seeing how the cost of everything is going up are we going to to see sidewinders crossing the $20-21k threshold?
Yeah prices of the 2017 Sidewinders and ZR 9000 were at $7000 - $9000 at the beginning of the season. Now it is not uncommon to see them in the $12000 - $13000 range on our New England sled talk site!

Of course, one always asks more then what they expect to get, for negotiation purposes!
But still, it’s gone crazy and people have no problem asking for these crazy prices, now that the buy new
Equation is not there as before.

Reminds me of Harley pre 2003. Had to order a bike and wait for a call on that style bike you wanted. They told you what color came in for the style bike you wanted. They gave you 3 tries when bikes came in, and if You didn’t like or want the color or options on the call, after the third call, you went to the bottom of the list, never to hear from them again! Back then MSRP meant nothing whereas you were going to pay Much more if you wanted one. The used Harley market followed suit with stupid prices. Then in 2003 they flooded the market with too many bikes. Things fell back to normal afterwards.
Funny thing is, when I did a Spring Surge buy on my 2017 LTX-LE, I told my buddy, this Spring Surge Thing, which was the only way you were 100% sure of getting the LE models, was the wave of the future, and would help keep prices up for both the new and used market, with lack of new and used LE sled availability. Not many agreed with my sled marketing analogy, and I may have been wrong, but Covid sure has made that factual for most sleds , and certainly for the NOW super rare SRX!

So yes, prices are high if you can even get a new one, but the used Winder market continues to climb, so I guess it may be a wash for me, if I find what I want used!
I may try that BOP power steering also , if I don't get my 23 .
I have a BOP mps kit that I am selling if interested. It's basically brand new, used it for 300kms.
Selling my sled and returning everything to stock. I'm in Ottawa, ON