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Oil pump gasket leak?


Feb 9, 2022
2007 Venture Lite
2007 Venture Lite Engine Oil Leak

Photo shows a drop of engine oil. It looks like there is a leak at a gasket. I don't know if it's coming from the oil pump. I would think it's the oil pump but there is a big hose connected to that pump (if it is a pump). I would have thought that the big hose would be for coolant.

Looking at the labels in the picture, did I label the oil pump correctly? the photo was taken from below.

Thanks for looking.


  • img oil leak 2007 venture lite sled annotated.jpg
    img oil leak 2007 venture lite sled annotated.jpg
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Hard to make out what that is exactly. Does it have two hoses and is that part attached to the bottom of the oil pan? It could be a small leak of that gasket. According to this schematic, that would be the attachment for the oil pump but the pump itself is inside the engine.

Oil pump.gif

However, this diagram nor the one for the oil cooler shows that as having a separate gasket for that part that has those two hoses.

Oil cooler.gif

Did you check the oil filter and the oil cooler for leaking there? Also the oil pan gasket. It might just be dribbling down to that hose.
Thank you for your reply. Is the oil cooler the same as the pan?
I didn't realize the oil pump was inside so thanks for that info.

My part with the leaking oil drop is bolted to the very bottom and on the side of the engine. It does have two hoses and I think it has 3 mounting bolts. It sort of looks like part 7 in the second diagram you posted but in that diagram, the part appears to be mounted much higher on the engine so I don't know. Plus part 7 seems much smoother than mine. In my photo, my part seems to have some sort of rib. I updated my photo to show what I mean by rib.

I have other photos and a video but I am having trouble matching the photos to the posted diagrams. Are the parts diagrams supposed to show the parts exactly as they appear (ribs and all)?

I did not see any oil elsewhere. I did not check the oil filter because I was hesitant to remove the air box as I have a tendency to have trouble putting parts back onto where I found them,

Thank you


  • img oil leak 2007 venture lite sled annotated.jpg
    img oil leak 2007 venture lite sled annotated.jpg
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Since I don't have that sled or engine anymore, I can't look at it myself. I'm thinking that's the inlet at the bottom of the oil pan. I'd check the two hoses and clamps first. If that doesn't solve the leak, I'd take that piece apart but the caveat is that we don't know if there's a gasket available.

Is it just me but does it look like a bolt is missing where that drop of oil is located? Maybe that's the problem?
Isn't that the water pump.
Maybe coming out the seep hole.
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I think you're right. Since the water pump is driven directly by the engine, an oil gasket leak is possible. Maybe this diagram will ring a bell.


I'm not sure if it's #11 or 16 that would seal the oil portion.
Moose, it could be the oil seal #7, or the shaft # 8 might be grooved from the seal.
If it is the water pump, I think it would explain why there two big hoses connected to it. Thank you for point that out.

about the missing bolt, Mooseman, when I zoom in, it looks to me like it is a different kind of fastener...the others look like hex bolts whereas the one at the leak looks like a Phillips pan head.

I took it out for my first ride ever (with this sled) and it wasn't a lot of fun. I heard it was tippy but holy cow, that is an understatement. I took a 90 degree turn in a field at pretty low speed and I actually flipped it onto its side. It was a bit difficult to put back upright. I'll have to learn to lean into turns even low speeds.

I find the darting very unpleasant. I have a dual carbide runners. It felt like I had little control and kept getting jerked around. I would slow down when I saw oncoming sleds in narrow parts of the trail to reduce the chances of hitting them.
I'm surprised it darts with dual carbides, those always cured any darting on any asked I've ever ridden. Maybe the alignment is way off and possibly excessive ski pressure. Try backing off the ski springs to there loosest setting if they aren't already. I have a couple Phazers (same chassis) and have been through some of the same issues. Mine handle great now on the trails but can still be challenging in the deep stuff. Better, wider skis help a lot though.
Thank you for your reply. I did some reading about the darting and saw what you mentioned about changing the suspension. I don't have the tool for that. Would channel lock pliers work.

Last year the seller told me he changed the skis but I don't remember why...maybe it was width. I'll try to contact him to ask.