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Oilite Bushing Kits - Yamaha 4-Stroke sleds


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Apr 17, 2003
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Menno, SD
We have manufactured Oilite bushing kits for the Yamaha 4-stroke sleds for 15 years now and we will continue to do so. I have all the 2003-2014 true Yamaha (Japan built) kits in stock and shipping daily.

Oilite self-lubricating bearing products are made by a powder metallurgy process, allowing close control on the manufacturing process. They contain large interconnected pores to channel lubricants to the areas between shaft and bearing.

Take a Apex or RX-1 model in comparison of OEM plastic bushings to the superior Oilite material, if you were to buy all new OEM plastic bushings it would cost $156.48 for the OEM bushings, the oilite kit is only a $30 upgrade!

2003 RX-1 model uses a steel upper a-arm and I do not have those 4 bushings in that kit.

August 21, 2023 - bushing kits are in stock and shipping!!

RX-1 (2004-2005)/Apex (2006-2010)/RS Vector (2005-2009)/RS Nytro (2006-2007) models (NON-EPS) this kit contains 28 bushings total
Part # RXRS-BK
Price $204.95

Apex/RS Vector EPS models this kit contains 26 bushings total
Part # AP11-BK
Price $184.95

2008 FX Nytro models (and also 2009 FX Nytro MTX model)
Part # 08FX-BK
Price $109.95

2009-2014 FX Nytro models (except 2009 FX Nytro MTX)
***This kit also works with most aftermarket a-arm kits out on the market***
Part # 09FX-BK
Price $119.95

2007-2018 Phazer & Venture Lite models
Part # PH-BK
Price $99.95

I also sell the bushings individually if you ever need replacements.

Here's a link to our shop on our website and you can pick the model you have and go into it.

Phone: 605-387-2833

Email: Srxspec@Gwtc.net
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Allen do you sell the 4 bushing for the bulk head seperatley?
Do you have in stock currently ?

Yes, I have bulkhead bushings in stock and available for purchase. Give me a call or send me an email and I can get you taken care of.
I dont see bushing kits for yama-kitties on your site. do you have them or can you suggest a site that may have them?
I dont see bushing kits for yama-kitties on your site. do you have them or can you suggest a site that may have the
Mainway Solutions has kits for Vipers and Sidewinders
Bushing kits are in stock and shipping daily. Get your order in NOW, don't wait for snow to fly!!
The original solution for OEM a-arm & bulkhead bushings for the true Japanese Yamaha built sleds! In stock and shipping daily! Don't buy imitation junk!