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Phazer build. 3 into one, "Frankistein"


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Jul 27, 2004
houlton, Maine
Below I will be creating a sled build thread. Lots of pictures and blather just like in days of old.

I bought this last year from a kid that worked for me. He built it years ago and it had been setting for a long time. He gave me a deal on it and I have been making poor choices where this sled is involved ever since. I'll pontificate on that later but for now, I ended up with three sleds, too many parts and still no good motor out of the 4 involved. Finally ended up with a decent case that was overheated and warped the head a little, and killed the rings. I am stripping the original sled now and will build a motor tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow it will look like a sled again.

I do miss this style of forum that people never seem to use anymore.


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