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phazer rear end not springing back..


Dec 30, 2021
Sobieski wi
07 yamaha phazer base
I have a phazer fx that I put barn of parts torsion spring tensioner on clicker front and rear skid shocks (rear fresh rebuild) the torsion springs are original with less then 2k on machine. Sled doesn't seem to want to rise back on its own. Any ideas I don't have the solid aluminum arm for the front where shock bolts to but the skid I robbed the suspension from also didn't have the front solid aluminum arm. Any ideas why I have a video 4 seconds long but can't upload too large for server

The rear suspension has a lot of stiction. Make sure you grease up all the joints and check bushings. Mine is very similar.
after siiting on it, the 09 in my sig does not return all the way to the top. always have to lift it to get it topped out.
When I had the standard shock in and the barn of parte torsion spring block it would spring back amazingly. With the clicker shock just had rebuilt it doesn't feel remotely the same. An my track doesn't touch the ground till about 2in after the front mount of the rear shock bolt. Is that normal? I took my skid out for first time to change the rear shock then noticed all these different things lol the rear mounts are lined up the the dots on both sides