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Feb 7, 2007
NE Indiana
2007 Attak - LOVE my sled!!!
ROCZTOYZ.com will be at Milwaukee, WI Snowshow this weekend!
Fri, Sat, & Sun.

We will have YamaHeaters, ThumbBoosters, Heated Cases, TRAIL JAMZ In-Helmet Stereo Systems,
SMART SUPPLIES, ROCZTOYZ P&P HID Lighting kits, and about everything else in-stock!

ALL our kits are Plug & Play, NO modifications or wiring required.
Easy & Fast!

The Current Show schedule looks like this:

Hay Days - MN
Fri&Sat Sept 19&20th - American Snowmobiler (AmSnow)/MSA Shootout/Snowshow at 131 Motor Speedway in Martin MI
Fri-Sun Oct 3-5th - Syracuse - NY Big East Snowshow at the ON Center Booth# 409
Fri-Sun Oct 17-19th - Milwaukee - WI Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center Booth# 611

Fri-Sun Nov 7-9th - Novi - MI Suburban Collection Showplace Booth# 248

Come see us, will have the Rockettes there also, a must see. lol:flag:

Always great to see fellow TYers!!!

Rock :-o
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It is great seeing everyone at the shows! :Rockon:
Everyone feel free to introduce yourselves, I usually remember the faces, not always the names. :o|

Getting ready to set everything up! :sled2:
Great seeing all you at the show. Still thinking about the Smart Supply Rock. My buddy with 7000 loves his lights. Do we need those fans on them?
Thanks for helping out the guys in my group this past Saturday Rock. All it took was helping out the big guy with the hand warmers in muni, and they all followed lol. Even the Doo guys bought your stuff. Now all they need is yamaha's and their issues will be all fixed lol....
Was great seeing everyone! :cool:

Just let me know Cannondale, will get you taken care of!
Yes, you need the fans, even though they are LEDs and they are in the cold, they WILL melt down without the fans.
(Read the directions... lol)

Lol, Sheetwright!
Very glad to help.
Am in the business of helping. :Rockon:
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Rock, I've been following some Hid threads on the nytro page, I've been to your website but cannot find into on the hid kits, can you give me some ideas for cost? Do you have a bundle price? See you in Novi
We have a show special of $150 right now on the P&P HID Light Kits. (+$10 shipping US, $25 Canada)
Good timing, we are just finishing the electronics assembly & testing on a new batch right now.
Sold out of these and most of our stuff at the Milwaukee Snowshow,
We are building stuff like crazy to take care of everyone we sold to there, orders here, and getting ready for the Novi Snowshow.
(We design, build, & test the electronics right here in North America) :Rockon:

Am working on getting all this on our website this week. (Fingers crossed, is a swamped week already, lol)
Can Paypal to hotrock1 at the comcast * net.
You are always welcome to ask any questions.
Am here to help! ;)!

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