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Rx Warrior Rear Suspension


Sep 12, 2021
Apex Gt
Hey guys, now that my 04 RX Warrior in the garage i'm gonna start working on the things I noticed last season. Going into the season I knew the rear felt different. It has 0 rebound. Its all the way down, I can lift it up by hand and it'll stay up but once you sit it'll sink and not come up unless lifting by hand. Would this be my rear shock? Its not bottoming out though which is odd, when pushing down by hand after its up it goes down pretty easy and I can push it all the way and it doesn't come up. Kinda lost as the springs look good but dont know if the shocks would cause this. Not to familiar with this skid setup so asking for suggestions before I rip everything apart.

yes the rear main shock is done on your sled. the 04-05 rx warrior/rage had a non rebuildable shock in them from factory. odds are the other 3 need to be serviced as well as they do degrade over time. @cannondale27 does most of my shocks. there are a few good guys here in ontario as well.

there are 4 options, find a good used one
find an olins for it
convert it to use a rx1/sx viper shock that is rebuildable
install a hygear replacement one.

used oe, do not think there are any good ones left.

olins quit making them when pioneer suspension closed as i got my set for my 05 pre 2010.

rx 1/sx viper shock needs the relay rods beside the shock as well and middle mount needs to move closer to back one as the stock warrior shock is longer by over 1/2" and it messes up geometry/ride if you do not.

I just discovered the hygear one in the last year, witch is a direct bolt in for oe. https://www.hygearsuspension.com/en...warrior-rs-vector-rs-rage?variant=29472454531

brothers 04 was due at 20000 km and i could feel the diference in my 05 switching out with him before i put the olins on it.
Rather than starting a new post for the same thing, ill keep this one going.

Anyone know whats the length of the stock rear shock eye to eye? I know the diameter is 40.

Also will a sx viper rebuildable one not fit withought modifying. And if not how hard is it to modify and what exactly needs done?

Coming home from school for 2 weeks in december so would rather be riding than wrenching lol.

P.S anyone in ontario with a good used replacment ??