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Venture Lite Secondary Shaft Help!!!

Dec 2, 2014
2008 Venture Lite
Well after finally getting my secondary rebuilt and back on the trails went for a few good rides(almost 500KM) and everything was running great. Then started to notice a weird vibration and BAM, secondary shaft snapped just on gear box side of the clutch side bearing. The secondary shaft from yamaha is backordered and no ETA so im trying to find a used one. There is a few on Ebay but they say for Phazer OR V-lite, talked to a wrecker today and he said the V-lite secondary shaft is longer than the phazer and it wont fit. Anyone have any expericne with this?

The wrecker has a seondary shaft but he cant remember if its from a phazer or Vlite. He was wanting me to measure my secondary before he ships it out to me, unfortunately my sled is in a compound and i cant get at it to measure the shaft till next week, was wondering if anyone had a Vlite or Phazer secondary shaft they could measure for me?

did you try travis at barn of parts? he might have one apart to measure.