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Dec 19, 2005
OK I know there are several post on this but this is different. Sled sat all summer in the shed. I started it July 4th, September 5th and last week when I pulled it out of the shed to sweep. Sat on my lawn for a week. Today I go to start it NOTHING. Battery fully charged, swapped starter relay from my other sled, not. Funny when you try and start it the tach sweeps and returns but I do not hear the fuel pump . Engine will not crank with the key but if I jump the starter relay it cranks but no run

I switched one from my other Apex which start fine and nothing. Its the first thing I checked. If I jump the starter relay, the starter turns over fine just no start ie no fuel pump is heard when you turn the key on. Also checked the 40 AMP fuse next to the starter relay and it is fine. Like I said it started on July 4th, Labor day, ran for 10 minutes each time. Started fine last weekend when I pulled it on the lawn to sweep the shed. Then nothing
Check the white connector for corrosion on that relay. If its bad it will not crank or power the relays in the left footwell.
is there power at the fuel pump relay with the key on?
I had a similar problem with my Apex
Turned out to be the grounding blocks by the clutches, one of them was fried.
Well the crazy times are here. I loaded it on the trailer on Saturday in the rain, had to winch it up on my car trailer. Before I left to drop it at the dealer I tried it and IT STARTED FINE!!!!!. I drove it to the dealer any way and when I got there, sure enough it started fine. I bought a new starter relay and when back to the garage and put it up on the jack. Took every thing off I could and cleaned and applied dielectric grease to every possible connection. put it back together and it has started every time I have tried it since Saturday afternoon, I guess it is fixed
Man you guys know so much more than I do but we ALL can HATE intermittent ELECTRICAL always on your mind. ARGGGG. Good luck