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'09 phazer MTX won't crank -code 43-


Feb 3, 2010
My '09 MTX won't crank or anything when I try to start it. It flashes code 43, which is supposed to mean short circuit somewhere. If I jump across the starter relay, the motor turns over, but won't start. I can hear one of the relays that is behind the battery clicking when I try to start it, but when I switch the relay with another one, nothing changes. When I was checking relays, I could hear the fuel pump running whe I checked a certain wire so I took te seat off and checked to see if it was pumping fuel and it wasn't. When I jump across the starter relay right in front of the battery, I've got spark at the spark plugs, but it doesn't seem to be getting fuel. It's got me stumped and I was wondering if anybody could help me out?

My first thought would be your grounding block. Several of the 07 models had issues with it shorting out. It is located in main wirering harnes between oil tank and radiator. it is about an inch tall by inch and a half wide by half inch thick. unwrap harnes and it should jump out at you. If the problem is there it will be blackend from shorting out. Another probability is the fuses by the starter sylinoid?? You say your fuel pump runs but no fuel pressure? That seems odd. Is it running real weak??? never heard of fuel pump quit working if it still ran?? The ralays are known for sticking if you run it in alot of powder and make alot of steam, it will cause them to condensate and when everything cools down freeze. a hair dryer or a night in the garage can help with that.
My 09' had a "wiring" update that I brought it in for not long after I bought it. It was some sort of "ground" issue and it effected ALL 07-09' sleds.
It sat in the heated shop last night and no change. I put the battery charger on it and I'll see if that does anything, but I ckind of doubt it since it turns over fine when I jump across the starter relay. I'll go check all the fuses again and the grounding block to see if I can find anythng. Thanks for the help, it's got me baffled.
took the charger off after a couple hours and still nothing. found the grounding block in the gob of wires between the radiator and fan and saw that one wire had been hot and showed signs of melting. I flipped the top of the harness off and wiggled the burnt wire and turned the key and it started just fine. So now I'm wondering how to fix this permanently, I don't want to have to take the right side cover off to start it every time it does it to me on the trail. Thanks again for all the help. And why didn't yamaha use the quick clips on the right side lke they did on the clutch cover? doesn't make sense to me.
thats the ground wire update. a dealer i talked to said the headlight draws alot of amps. so they make 2 seperate ground wires for the harness.

i hear you on the panels clips, it would just make it easier if they all were the same.