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2007 Phazer Gt cranks but no fuel pump

The three small wires that are plugged together.

yes. they keep selling the rs one to the apex and phazer owners as it looks the same other than the wire terminal positions.
There's power at the top single one all the time and the bottom two have power with switch on. All three have power to them with the switch on and cranking. But no starter crank unless I jump the terminals.
So you are saying I should be switching the blue, white and the red, white wires in the plug on top of the relay?
That didn't do anything. I really think I may have fried it when checking it for power. I'm going to buy another one tomorrow just to eliminate that.
Ok found the problem a bad wire coming out of the key switch it looks like someone tied into it for a heated faceshield.
good you found it.
have you found the ground blocks in the harness and verified that they are good?
Hey maim, I have a pair of 07 Phazers. Can you send a photo or point on manual where I can find the ground block harness? I'm chasing a code 81, and also what I think is a bad fuel pump, not sure if those are related. I'm going to try and find a new fuel pump today, but also want to solve the code 81 in case it's still flashing after I get the machine started again. Thanks for any help!
have you found the ground blocks in the harness and verified that they are good?
Hi Maim, I've got the yellow ground blocks on both of my 07 Phazers. How do you recommend I verify they are good? I opened up the small hatch and visually inspected plus tugged on each wire going into the bottom of each ground block but want to make sure I do this right. I'm still chasing a gremlin that isn't allowing my fuel pump to run, so need to check this myself too.
Generally, you can visually see if they are bad/are shorting out but as long as they are clean and look good, then the ground blocks may not be your issue: