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2005 Rx1 dashboard console not powering on


Dec 2, 2023
Yamaha RX1 1000
Polaris Pro-RMK 800
Skidoo MXZ 800 Renegade
I've looked a lot on any similar problem without any luck. After a long ride in a trailer without a cover on, the dashboard console is no longer powering on. Brake and headlights are on, the fuses are OK, the relays also.

I've checked the entire harness that connects to the console and there is no broken wire. The only console light that is working is the high beam indicator. No rpm, no display, no other light. I've tried another console (can't tell if it was previously working - bought it used) and it doesn't work either.

What can i check next?

did you check down by the hood hinge under the tool kit? they where known to rub out on the frame down in there.
Yes I checked that entire harness. Using a test coupler, I just tested the harness and the console and it works just fine. But that helped me figuring out which wire sends the 12v to the console and i found out it was broken on the other side of the connector. A quick soldering job did the trick and everything works again.

For the other people having similar problems, the test coupler used was part number YS-45686 and can easily be home made.
hook up a fresh battery and see if the gauge comes back to life.

when I bought mine it had a slightly weak battery, would start and run but dead dash, new battery and worked without an issue.