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2018 Sno Scoot

Discussion in 'SnoScoot,SRX120' started by mebelee, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. mebelee

    mebelee Newbie

    2010 Yamaha Vector GT
    Thinking about buying one to cut trails locally, on the first rides of the snowfall. We have no trail system here - just a bunch of guys that make paths thru the woods. My 2 Vectors are just too heavy for this 60yr old to move around & dig out. I am 180lbs & 6ft. Would this sled work for my purpose ? Would my wife enjoy it? She's scared of the big boy sleds... Looking for something light weight. Anyone know how much they weigh ? No info on web on that...
    Will the Scoot go thru deep snow & pack it down for bigger sleds ? Should I/ could I stud it ?? Thanks !

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