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Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

Also looks like one of the weber guys is working at arctic cat now on the ATV engines

Wonder if cat will make a 9XX turbo twin to fit in the catalyst.
Thanks for finding this. Much appreciated. Funky looking piece of Carbon Fiber (my guess) for a front rear suspension arm!

That front rearcsuspension arm reminds me of the old fiberglass overload spring on the 2 ups. It actually worked very well
That front rearcsuspension arm reminds me of the old fiberglass overload spring on the 2 ups. It actually worked very well
The fiberglass overload springs are still used on 2up yamacats. They've been used since the early 90's(on Cats), simple and affective.
From an initial scan of the drawings.

The torque arm in this design is a tuneable multi-rate spring. The design is subtle, and it relies on the torque arm mounts being captive at both ends. It provides different values of spring rate based not only on displacement of the spring, but also distortion of the spring and on where the load occurs. This allows it to react differently to loading the front of the skid vs the middle or rear of the skid.

Take a fishing pole or any bendable rod, hold it out horizontal in front of you. Bend your hands inward such that you create an arc in the rod, that is one function, the other comes from distortion. Take the same rod, and without twisting your hands move one hand up and the rod takes on more of an S shape, that is the other function. In either case, when travel exceeds some amount the adjustable transition point kicks in and you get a second spring rate.
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This is super impressive. This is a catalyst 154 mountain sled WET! Some of the mountain manufacturers are already showing 25+ pounds of weight savings through aftermarket parts. AND the new 850 is LIGHTER.. we knew it was going to be light, nice to see a real world result.

Weight is not everything. You still have to look at it. It’s horrible to look at. Worse in person.
Let’s hope they didn’t use tinfoil like Doo did a few years back to get weight down and then the bulkhead would split when you hit a snowball

The mountain guys have been beating the crap out of them. They don't seem any more or less durable than the doos and poos they are riding.. they all break.
In back country riding weight is extremely relevant. Too early to make any real claims about durability but the 600 is getting very good reviews in the mountains where it is riding amongst 850s and 850 Turbos with plenty of Poo 9Rs thrown in. If I'm in the market next spring I would order an 858 154 for next season. Looks are subjective. To me the Catalyst is great looking.
To me the Catalyst is great looking.
Agreed. I have seen them in person. I think they look great. And that new gauge looks killer. If you could retro fit that new gauge to the Procross I bet there would be many takers if the price wasn't stupid.