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Cat announcement on new chassis.

Yamaha is no longer IMHO in the sled business, haven’t been for years

Yamaha is no longer IMHO in the sled business, haven’t been for years
Yup, they are in the engine selling business. They sold sled engines to Sno Jet, and Rollo Flex for years. They sold car engines to Ford and Toyota. I am sure there are others they sell to.
Last year the whole sled line up was outsourced.
Kind of hard to plan when your hands are tied.
Hi Jaret
Feedback on EPS,
I only got to ride my LTX GT 23 miles but I’ll say without any question that it’s much more of a plus than the Apex EPS for a guy like me that has 2 shoulder replacement surgerys looming on the horizon.
A home run in my book !!!!
speedy recovery to ya Scotty!!! Eps will help that...I have the GSE EPS and it helps tremendously my tired old elbows.
This. Every year Same old BS, Yamahas not going anywhere. Negativity is Human nature I guess.
agree, whatever they say I like my Yamaha stickers..every sled has stickers. besides the stickers and color schemes, that 998 turbo kicks #*$&@...its incredible...put a sticker on that!!! that Yamaha sticker is glued to the trail...
Bad pic but this has been touted as leaked photo. Cougar ZR
Fashion is in the eyes of the designers. Maybe it will grow on me, hard to say from pictures of a screen, will have to see what they look like in person.
Oh its fugly, no doubt.
Looks like a full size Blast with different hood.
That asymmetrical headlight keeps throwing me for a loop. Is it a ride light or is there some other reason for the design?